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Unified Election Code

Article 54. Election/referendum campaign expenditures

1. An elect ion/referendum campaign shall be financed from:

a) The funds of a political union - if the party independently participates in the

b) The funds of the first party in the list of an elect ion bloc - if political unions come together as
one elect ion subject;

c) The elect ion funds opened by the initiative group of voters to finance the campaign of an
independent candidate.

2. Campaign costs shall mean the sum of funds designated for the election/referendum
campaign of an elect ion subject, as well as all types of goods and services obtained free of
charge (reflected in market prices), except for a free air time cost defined by the procedures
stipulated by this Law.

3. A candidate nominated by the elect ion subject shall utilize funds of the elect ion subject
nominating the candidate.

4. An elect ion subject is under a duty to submit to the State Audit Office the in format ion on
bank account, from which the necessary expenses shall be allocated for elect ion campaign.

5. Elect ion/referendum campaign costs mean the funds deposited to the relevant bank account,
as well as goods and services received free of charge (in market prices).

6. Utilization of finances by the elect ion subject other than that of the relevant fund shall be
prohibited in the course of elections.

7. Restrictions envisaged by the Organic Law of Georgia on Political Unions of Citizens apply
to the elect ion/referendum campaign costs and sources of funding, except for the exclusion
prescribed by paragraph 8 of this Article.

8. While funding the campaign by an elect ion bloc, parties united in the elect ion bloc may,
without restrictions, transfer funds available in the fund of their political unions to the fund
of the political union registered as number one in the list of the bloc.

Organic Law of Georgia June 22, 2012 №6551 – website, 29.06.2012y.

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