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Law – is an act, adopted by a special way by the State Supreme Representative Body, which regulates the most important public relations. Laws are the most common form, with the help of which the major part of constitutional-legal norms should be determined. These norms are adopted on the basis of the constitutional regulations and principles and for their development.

Laws, according to the importance of the existed standards, are divided to the constitutional, organic and common laws. Common law, for its part, is divided to modification and current laws.

Constitutional law regulates only certain areas of the public or state life, though, by its judicial power and adoption rule, it is not very much different from the constitution. According to the constitution, amendments are made in text that is in force, after which it stops to be an independent normative act.

Organic law is the specific source of the Georgia’s constitutional law. The adoption of the organic law is envisaged in the constitution. The sense of the organic law is that it is a supplement to the constitution and does not change its basic principles and conception.

Common laws regulate state or public relations certain areas.